Dodson, Alan. “Performance, Grouping, and Schenkerian Alternative Readings in Some Passages from Beethoven’s ‘Lebewohl’ Sonata, Op. 81a.” Music Analysis 27 (2008): 107–34.


It is proposed that one musically interesting way to characterise and compare different performances or recordings of the same piece is by correlating them with different Schenkerian interpretations through the medium of grouping. This approach is demonstrated through an examination of four ‘either/or’ passages from the first movement of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in E-flat Major, Op. 81a, passages in which at least two Schenkerian interpretations are possible. Schenker’s own published and unpublished sketches, among others, are considered alongside recordings by Vladimir Ashkenazy, Emil Gilels, Richard Goode, Murray Perahia and Artur Rubinstein. The approach is not meant to be self-sufficient, but rather to contribute a new set of tools to the emerging multidisciplinary field of performance studies.